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The New and Improved Spa Swing

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of a Spa Swing Hammock

Stress Relief means Better Health
Enjoy the restful and soothing benefits of the ultimate in relaxation. The Spa Swing cradles your body as you soak in your hot tub, quickly reducing daily stress and its effects. With adjustable immersion levels, the Spa Swing provides:

  • Total muscle relaxation
  • Improved hydrotherapy for back, legs & shoulders
  • Full reclining comfort
  • Pillows for head and neck support
  • Enjoy the tranquil serenity and health benefits that only the Spa Swing can offer.

Adjustable Immersion
The Spa Swing adjusts from full to partial immersion in just seconds. You can regulate your body temperature and extend your spa experience by simply adjusting the straps to lift or lower the hammock in the water. From children to adults, its unique design conforms to any body, cradling you in comfort.

The Details
The Spa Swing is built to accommodate all types of spas and installs in just minutes. Each Spa Swing package contains everything you need for simple installation.
  • Available in two sizes: Single (2’) and Double (4’) widths
  • Adjusts to span from 6’3” up to 12’
  • Chrome hooks easily install on the side of any hot tub or deck
  • Straps unhook in seconds for simple removal
Order your Spa Swing and accessories now
Internet Specials:
2' one person model - $69.95
2' one person model with 1 pillow - $86.95
4' two person model - $89.95
4' two person model with 1 pillow - $106.95
4' two person model with 2 pillows - $123.95

Additional pillows - $18.95 each

Pillows & Parts
Waterproof pillows designed specifically for your new Spa Swing are made with soft foam and provide extra support for head and neck. Additional hooks, straps, pillows and Spa Swings are sold separately.

Easy Care
Made with low maintenance polypropylene and polyester, the Spa Swing detaches in seconds and is simple to store when not in use. Every Spa Swing purchase includes a limited one-year warranty.

Easily adjusts the depth you immerse yourself in your hot tub.

Enjoy a longer and more relaxing soak by controlling your body tempurature.

The Spa Swing
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